About Me

e51f09_bc4cf47506bd4c83837d8679f578cde2LaShanda Lewis is a wife, mother of three, Praise and worship leader at Faith Covenant Fellowship Ministries in Elk Grove,IL… and a blossoming songwriter. She believes In pure unrestrained worship that ministers to the heart of God the Father.

LaShanda has been singing for all of her life and the anointing of her voice has been identified many times by many Men and Women of God. Lashanda has never had the desire to be a major recording artist or even boxed into one genre of music, she only simply wants to invoke the presence of God wherever she is and to known as a worshipper not an artist.

The thing that is unique about her calling is that although her singing voice is as pure as flowing water, she is not able to speak as fluently as most typical people. She has dealt with her speech impediment for most of her life causing some degree of embarrassment when faced with speaking in front of crowds.

Nevertheless she is answering the call to lead the people of God into Worship just like Moses, despite his speech impediment, He had an undeniable calling on his life to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt.